How To Motivate Yourself To Be The Best You!

When you are looking to make exercise a regular ritual, you need to keep yourself motivated. While motivation seems easier said than done it doesn't need to be this way.


Ultimately, you have control over your motivation. You just need to know how to trigger and use it.




How To Motivate Yourself To Be The Best You!



#1: Start At The Beginning Of The Week:


For many people, the lack of time is the same old excuse they use when they don't feel like working out. While you may keep running from one place to the other, you may still find time to exercise between work, social engagements, appointments, and keeping the house running.


The best approach is to simply schedule your exercise right at the beginning of the week. This means you'll be looking at exercise just the way you look at a deadline at work or a special event with your friends.



#2: Try Out New Things:


One of the reasons why some people give up exercising is because they keep doing the same thing week after week. The truth is that this can be quite boring and it will be virtually impossible to find the motivation. So, why can't you try different things? You may, for example, try out a new class or sport every month or so. In case you find one that actually challenges you, this will be even more motivating.



#3: Don't Always Go Alone:


You probably already heard or read that joining a friend and exercising together may help you exercise more often. We couldn't agree more. However, it doesn't mean that you attend the same class at all. You may simply go together to the gym and then each one to separate classes and join together at the end.



#4: Don't Forget Your Music:


There's no question that exercising may help you relieve all the accumulated stress. But if you still lack motivation, then you should try out listening to music while you exercise.


While some people prefer a new playlist every single time, others prefer to listen to the same songs every time.



#5: Don't Overthink:


Overthinking isn't always good, especially in what concerns exercising. After all, it is one of those things that you simply get out of the couch and do; you don't think about it. If you overthink, you'll end up convincing yourself that you're too hungry, too busy, or that you want to stay in bed for a bit longer. While this trick may lead you to skip exercising, you'll end up feeling guilty afterward. So, when it is time, just go for it.



#6: Give Yourself A Real Reward:


One of the best motivators to keep exercising is to offer yourself a real reward. Yes, you can think that weight control or better health should be enough. But they're not. You have to think about something that you really like and you'll get it right after your workout. It may be an episode of your favorite TV show, a smoothy, or anything else.